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Don't pay twice! Use your Insurance, HSA or FSA.

September 20, 2017


You're paying for insurance you might as well be using it. Smile love Clear Aligners are covered by a multitude of dental insurance providers. No insurance company pays up front, but check out the insurance page and you'll see a list of insurers with links to their reimbursement forms. In most cases you can get up to half of your aligners cost covered. The cost of the kit is not covered by insurance.  


HSA stands for health savings account, it is a tax-exempt savings account, which is awesome because nobody likes paying taxes, and that's why HSA's are great to have. HSA's need to be paired up with a Qualified High-Deductible Plan and the IRS sets up what makes a high-deductible plan qualified to have an HSA.

With your HSA you can take the pre-tax money and get the smile you've always wanted from Smilelove. With an HSA you can pay for the entire Smilelove Process.


A flexible spending account (FSA) is an account you put money into that you can use to pay for different health costs that would normally be out-of-pocket. If you get health insurance through work you can use an FSA account. FSA's do have limits on how much and when you can spend that money. FSA's have a limit of $2,650, and most FSA's require that you use the money you have within the health plans year. If you do not use that money then you lose it.

Do you have a flex spending account? Awesome! Don't let that money go to waste. Your employer may be contributing to this account. You need to use it before you lose it at the end of the year. You can use up to $500 of your FSA to pay for your clear aligners.  That's free money to get the smile you will love!


Get Started

To use your HSA and FSA cards, just go to the checkout page and use them like you would a normal credit or debit card.

To use your insurance you'll need to make sure that you pay with your credit card, and then submit a reimbursement form. Make sure to see the how-to on our insurance page and be sure to use the correct medical codes provided there.

Give your smile the love it deserves and saves money on insurance! It is that easy! Get you Impression Kit today to get started today!

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