Help Your Child Love Their Smile with Alternatives for Braces

Help Your Child Love Their Smile with Alternatives for Braces

February 17, 2018

As parents, we all know how much it can mean to see our children flash their beautiful, genuine smiles. However, teens can become very self-conscious about their smiles if they have crooked teeth.

Many parents groan at the thought of having to pay for expensive traditional braces, while teenagers groan at the idea of being a “brace face” for a couple years. But Smilelove is a revolutionary braces alternative that straightens teeth in one of the most simple, convenient and affordable ways you’ll find on the market.


How Smilelove Works

First, Smilelove sends you an impression kit to make molds of your teen's teeth from the convenience of your own home. You won’t have to take your child out of school or miss work to come to doctor appointments with this route.

Next, you’ll send the molds back to the staff and receive a treatment preview, showing you how your teeth will look at the end of the process. Once you’ve given your approval, aligners are produced and sent to you in about two and a half weeks.

The aligners are created to gradually straighten teeth, and each set is worn for about two weeks. Though the number of sets depends on the severity of the straightening needed, most patients need about 15 aligners to reach the end goal. This means your child will have a beautiful, straight smile in just 30 weeks.
Aligners are more inconspicuous, convenient and more affordable than traditional braces. At one fourth the cost and with flexible payment plans, there’s no reason not to buy Smilelove for your child and give them the winning smile they’ve been dreaming of.

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