The Common Side Effects of Aligners

The Common Side Effects of Aligners

May 12, 2018

We all want beautiful teeth and a dazzling smile. For many people, that is achieved by using teeth aligners like Smilelove. This alternative to traditional braces is a popular option for many people who want to improve their smile. But like any other medical procedure, teeth alignment does have some side effects for some patients. While the side effects of aligners are minor for most patients, we want our customers to have all the information before they make the decision to purchase Smilelove.

Slight changed in speech

One of the major initial issues for many patients is a slight change in their speech. As the patient becomes more comfortable with dental hardware such as aligners or retainers, their speech generally returns to normal. Many patients report a temporary pronounced lisp until they become more accustomed to the aligners.

Biting cheeks as you get used to the aligners

Smilelove aligners are designed to blend into your mouth and work to correct your smile without anyone knowing. They fit over the top of your teeth and can cause some irritation to the soft tissue in your mouth until you grow accustomed to them. Many patients report biting the inside of their cheeks, resulting in cold sores. If that happens, we recommend rinsing your mouth with an antibacterial mouthwash to keep the sore clean until it heals.

Increased risk of cavities

Besides being nearly invisible, Smilelove aligners are removed when you eat and brush your teeth, which makes eating and cleaning easier. But because the aligners fit snuggly against teeth, it is possible for saliva and bacteria to become trapped in the aligner. Since fresh saliva doesn’t come in contact with your teeth to wash away bacteria and debris when the aligners are on, there is a risk of developing cavities. However on the bright side, this also means that your teeth aren’t likely to stain and become discolored. Braces are actually more likely to stain your teeth than aligners.

Bad breath & dry mouth

Bad breath and dry mouth are two other side effects of the aligners restricting saliva and preventing it from washing away bacteria. These problems are relatively easy to overcome by drinking more water and brushing your teeth more often.

Allergic reaction (rare)

Although rare, some patients develop an allergic reaction to the plastic used in Smilelove aligners. The reaction usually causes a mild irritation of the gums, which should go away. If you do happen to experience this irritation, try soaking your aligners in a glass of water. If after a couple of days the discomfort and pain hasn’t subsided, please contact us at Smilelove.

Aligner stains

Some lifestyle choices can impact your Smilelove aligners. Smoking or drinking red wine or coffee can stain the aligners and the adhesive used to attach the Smilelove aligners to your teeth. While the staining doesn’t damage the aligners, it can make them more visible. Most patients choose Smilelove aligners to achieve a better smile without the look of traditional braces.

Smilelove aligners are a practical and affordable way to improve your smile. Though there can be complications with any kind of dental treatment, most Smilelove patients adjust quickly and easily to their aligners. Most patients only experience temporary discomfort like you would expect with any kind of dental hardware. We are confident that our aligners will help you get your smile back without announcing to the world you have braces.

If you have any concerns or questions about Smilelove aligners, please contact us. You can also get a free consultation to see if Smilelove’s plastic aligners are a fit for you. Our dental specialists would love to help you have a great experience and feel confident in your smile.

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