What You Need to Know About Smilelove Before You Buy

What You Need to Know About Smilelove Before You Buy

February 06, 2018

Do you want to have a clean, straight smile but don’t want to deal with the cost, hassle, or appearance of metal braces? With invisible aligners from Smilelove, you can get straight teeth without with having to invest the time and expenses that accompany traditional braces. With FDA approval and a 75% cheaper price tag than other similar treatments, Smilelove’s invisible aligners make getting that perfect smile quick and easy. Before you place your order, learn more about Smilelove’s product and how it can straighten your teeth.

What are invisible aligners?

As an effective braces alternative for getting a straight smile, invisible aligners and retainers are a series of dental devices that fit tightly over the teeth to encourage the teeth to move into alignment by putting slight pressure on the teeth. Because of their low-profile, affordability, and effectiveness, invisible aligners are often a recommended solution for teenage and adult patients looking to improve the straightness of their teeth. After determining you want to invest in invisible aligners, order an impression kit from Smilelove to make your first mold of your teeth.

The Smilelove Impression Kit includes all the materials to make the perfect mold of your teeth. Once returned to Smilelove, we create a treatment preview which shows how their teeth will look when they’re done, then experts create in invisible aligner that fits snugly over your teeth that, thanks to a series of aligners, slowly, yet effectively begins to move your teeth into alignment.

How do invisible aligners work?

Despite the fact that invisible aligners work in stages and require a commitment on your part, they are remarkably easy to use. The process is simple; after ordering the Smilelove Impression Kit, you’ll follow the easy-to-understand directions to complete molds of teeth and send the kit back using the included, prepaid shipping label. Once the kit arrives at Smilelove, alignment experts scan your mold to create a preview of what you can expect your teeth to look like when the process is complete. Upon your approval, Smilelove produces your aligners and mails them back directly to you.

From this point forward, you’ll wear your Smilelove aligners continuously until your teeth have reached optimal straightness. In total, you’ll create four different molds at the beginning of the process and we averaged 15-20 different aligners and wearing each aligner for two weeks as needed. As our promise to you, Smilelove guarantees:

  • A 30-day refund or exchange policy for any unused impression kit  items  
  • Aligners with unparalleled transparency and a snug fit
  • A quick and easy free consultation
  • Reliable assistance finding insurance information to help you with financing
  • No appointments, no waiting rooms, and not metal braces required to love your smile

Why waste time and money with traditional metal braces when you can choose Smilelove’s invisible aligners to give you the straight smile you’ve dreamed of? Complete a free consultation and order your first impression kit, today. Get Started Today